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Jamie and Lauren Brandenburg
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What is a Doubler?
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Simply put, a Doubler is someone who buys something for one dollar ($1.00), and sells it to NET PROFIT two dollars ($2.00). Similar to a "picker," a Doubler is someone who buys and sells items they find pretty much anywhere. The biggest differences are Doublers will buy and sell quite literally anything (legal) where pickers tend to focus on antiques. Also, Doublers will buy both new and used items, where pickers tend to focus only on used items. Finally, Doublers have a hard and fast rule...they MUST doubler there money (or atleast expect to.) 

Doubling has many benefits like; earning extra money, finding needed items at a fraction of retail, being able to make money anytime and anywhere on anything, and many others. However, the single most important benefit of Doubling is giving you the ability to TAKE BACK your time. Doublers enjoy more time with family, are always on a treasure hunt, view every day as an adventure, AND they can do it all with their spouses, children, friends, family, and loved ones! Doubling actually increases your time TOGETHER, and never steals your time away. 

Doubling allows you to TAKE BACK your life, while being exciting and adventurous! The best part is...EVERYONE can do it!

The Doubling Club is both an online training platform on how to become a Doubler with detailed instructions on how to get started and maintain your Doubling lifestyle! In addition to the training platform, The Doubling Club also offers a private community of Doublers, all sharing best practices, recent wins, as well as encouragement and advice when you get "stuck."

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"Doubling turns everything you own or buy into a liquid asset in your mind. This mindset alone is worth so much."
Allan Phillips
"Doubling enables this homeschool mom to contribute to the families finances, while spending extra time with my kids."
Julie Brewer
"In a few short weeks, The Doubling Club has helped my 9-year old shift from asking for the latest toy to asking me real questions about how to manage money and run a business. He truly is learning a valuable life-altering skill, and it's been awesome having fun and building memories along the way!"
Timothy Kucejko
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